Frost Spire was the first game-wide event run by Spellstorm. It launched on 23rd December 2012.
Event - Frost Spire

The aim was to compete with other players to collect Frost Seals to earn rewards.

Frost Spire CardsEdit

Rank A creaturesEdit

Frost Giant-60 Ice Dragon-60 Ice Elemental AA-1 Rahko-60
Frost Giant Ice Dragon Ice Elemental Rahko

Rank B creaturesEdit

Council Vanguard-1 Cryophoenix-1 Will-o-Wisp-1 Yeti-40
Council Vanguard Cryophoenix Will-o-Wisp Yeti
Ice Liger ico
Ice Liger

Rank A artifactEdit

Sword of the Vanguard ico
Sword of the Vanguard